I was skeptical about taking this course online as I am with any online course, because it is easy to forget about assignments and lose track of the course, especially when you take into account all of your other course work. However, the 2 week deadline was great. It gave me room to breath and fit the course into my schedule, WHICH IS THE WHOLE POINT OF ONLINE COURSES! It bugs me when online courses have multiple deadlines for different assignments throughout the week, it contradicts the meaning of an online course. So, I liked the freedom from a scheduling standpoint. I liked the freedom and the layout of the book review, but an example of what is an acceptable book review should be provided to future students. I just kind of went ahead and did it, and wasn’t very sure of what to create. So I guess I like the freedom all together. One thing I would change is the comments to the commons. Based on the fact that we were responsible for reading a heck of a lot of information for every unit and only a very small portion of that information was reinforced by the short quizzes we had (5 to 10 questions at most). So I was thinking the commons posts could be used as a tool to better reinforce that information that the professor wants reinforced. So each unit has 1 or 2 commons posts with a topic or question and the professor can comment on those posts. I thought that the fact that the commons posts were unchecked and we were not provided any feedback on them, rendered them ineffective in reinforcing what we should be learning. Feedback from a professor who has studied these topics extensively is why we go to school, to see if we are learning correctly. There’s my 10 cents. Bon voyage everybody and bon chance in your future endeavors!