Much of the layout and format of this course was experimental. What did you like about it, dislike about it, or what would you change?

I really loved the layout and how it aloud you to really read the material and take your time and learn the material. And when you have time to learn the material, you take a lot more out of the class and that was great for me as I am balancing 5 classes and it takes a lot out of me. So the extended time allowed me to enjoy this course a lot more. I loved the book project and how it was structured as well to me it was a ton of fun, it is something that I would recommend to any of my friends or any other student. There is not much I would change about the class and it was very well structure and we had a great teacher. I had no complaints about the grading or the timing of the grading.

  • Thanks for reading, Benjamin Meso