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  • mesob 11:19 pm on 2015-12-12 Permalink  

    What’s the most significant ideas, information, or skills that you feel you learned during this course?

    Well obviously I did my report on the men who built America, which included John D. Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie, J.P. Morgan, and Henry Ford. So I loved this time period and loved all the battles they went through with each other to create monopolies. Then the battles they went through with the government to eventually lose their monopolies. I personally love history and I really felt like I learned the economical side of history whether it is about the great depression, World War II, and the roaring twenties. As a person that wants to get a financial degree, the history is the best predictor of the future and the financial world and economics is my future.

    • Thanks for reading, Benjamin Meso
  • mesob 11:01 pm on 2015-12-12 Permalink  

    Much of the layout and format of this course was experimental. What did you like about it, dislike about it, or what would you change?

    I really loved the layout and how it aloud you to really read the material and take your time and learn the material. And when you have time to learn the material, you take a lot more out of the class and that was great for me as I am balancing 5 classes and it takes a lot out of me. So the extended time allowed me to enjoy this course a lot more. I loved the book project and how it was structured as well to me it was a ton of fun, it is something that I would recommend to any of my friends or any other student. There is not much I would change about the class and it was very well structure and we had a great teacher. I had no complaints about the grading or the timing of the grading.

    • Thanks for reading, Benjamin Meso
  • tamagnem 10:39 pm on 2015-12-12 Permalink  

    I absolutely loved the layout and format of this course. I liked this commons area, and the layout of the units, and how the assignments were listed. I found it to be a lot more organized, than other online courses I have previously taken. I really hope that other classes I take in the future are set up to be more like this. Thank you so much for everything!

  • tamagnem 10:37 pm on 2015-12-12 Permalink  

    I seriously have learned SO much from this course. I learned about extremely significant times in history and just overall so many important times in history. I really liked posting in the commons like this. I wish all of the online classes that I took had this as the place we posted for our discussion boards. It’s so easy to read everyone’s thoughts, and is just overall a way better idea.

  • Mr Hemphill 9:59 pm on 2015-12-12 Permalink  

    This course had a great selection of reading materials that made the dialogue more engaging, this course also gives you perspective, you are able to grasp the reality of how, when, and why things are the way they are today in this economy we live in. The structure of this course was very flexible which allowed you to have more time to digest the material and that is needed when you are learning about a system.

  • Richie 5:58 pm on 2015-12-12 Permalink  

    I liked how the units were broken into larger chunks to be digested over two week periods. Looking at larger blocks of time I feel helped see what technological innovations, resources and political struggles drove or defined an era. The three textbooks also had very different approaches which I found to compliment each other.
    I liked the layout of the course. The larger windows for completing each unit were helpful with my schedule. I enjoyed participating in the commons discussions. I also enjoyed the book project, reading the book and making the site, more than I would have expected. Overall really enjoyed the class and have been impressed by what’s been done outside of the D2L system and have found it for the most part fairly straight forward and easy to use.

  • risacheb 5:34 pm on 2015-12-12 Permalink  

    Much of the layout of this course was experimental. What did you like about it, dislike about it, or what would you change?

    I really like the format of this online course. I like how the unit deadlines were not too close and gave us some time to really think about our assignments. This is the first online course I’ve taken which included the Commons, or any separate site besides D2L. I think the Commons is set up nicely and easy to navigate. I think “Jim’s Thoughts” was clear and informative and without a doubt proved to be useful for the quizzes, exams, and discussions. Honestly, I can’t really think of anything I disliked about the format of the class. All in all, a good experience with this course.

  • risacheb 5:23 pm on 2015-12-12 Permalink  

    What’s are the most significant ideas, information, or skills that you feel you learned during the course?

    I have learned quite a bit of ideas, information, and skill during this semester in the course. The information that has impacted me the most has to be the lesson about important figures of the American economic history, such as John D. Rockefeller (hence why I chose to write a book review about him), Andrew Carnegie, J.P. Morgan, etc. Other information that I found to be extremely intriguing has to be the history of the canals, railroads, and other means of transportation which were detrimental to the economy and really shaped America today. I enjoyed reading about the state of the economy during different periods in history, such as the Roaring Twenties, Great Depression, and WWII. Overall, I feel like I know way more now than before I took this course.

  • pennelk2 5:21 pm on 2015-12-12 Permalink  

  • keoug2 2:25 pm on 2015-12-11 Permalink  

    I was skeptical about taking this course online as I am with any online course, because it is easy to forget about assignments and lose track of the course, especially when you take into account all of your other course work. However, the 2 week deadline was great. It gave me room to breath and fit the course into my schedule, WHICH IS THE WHOLE POINT OF ONLINE COURSES! It bugs me when online courses have multiple deadlines for different assignments throughout the week, it contradicts the meaning of an online course. So, I liked the freedom from a scheduling standpoint. I liked the freedom and the layout of the book review, but an example of what is an acceptable book review should be provided to future students. I just kind of went ahead and did it, and wasn’t very sure of what to create. So I guess I like the freedom all together. One thing I would change is the comments to the commons. Based on the fact that we were responsible for reading a heck of a lot of information for every unit and only a very small portion of that information was reinforced by the short quizzes we had (5 to 10 questions at most). So I was thinking the commons posts could be used as a tool to better reinforce that information that the professor wants reinforced. So each unit has 1 or 2 commons posts with a topic or question and the professor can comment on those posts. I thought that the fact that the commons posts were unchecked and we were not provided any feedback on them, rendered them ineffective in reinforcing what we should be learning. Feedback from a professor who has studied these topics extensively is why we go to school, to see if we are learning correctly. There’s my 10 cents. Bon voyage everybody and bon chance in your future endeavors!

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