I’ve always known that the Federal Reserve isn’t really “Federal” because the central government has no control over this system even though this system is seen as a denotation of the central government. The Federal Reserve is just a privatized institution, system, and board which controls the printing and delegation of money in the U.S. economy, which controls economic decision making within the U.S. central government, and which has dominion over the central government. There are commercial/member banks that belong to these 12 districts of the federal reserve and these banks are where the majority of U.S. citizens choose to store their income or savings, these banks have reserves that they are obligated to keep for borrowing purposes but the money kept in these reserves is derived from the multiple accounts of U.S. citizens who deposit their money, at any point in time where the federal reserve is in need because of the revolving deficit the U.S. has; the federal reserve can instantly increase the reserve requirement to create money to spend towards a debt with another country which means that these banks are withdrawing more money from multiple accounts held at its institution. Even when we are putting money in the bank, which has been promoted as an secure place to store your income and savings, we are still being taxed in a sense because money in a reserve is being derived from the accounts held at an member bank, the government along with privatization has systematically engineered an enclosed structure where money is being created at the expense of the people, the people didn’t create the debts and deficits that have been created because of poor management, organization, and prioritization by central government but it is inequitable that in different ways the people are paying for it. We are paying an debt/expense in order for the government and the federal reserve to maintain their international relations with the one’s that this country owes.