When looking at the emancipation of blacks and the migration of blacks to the North for better pay for the labor that was in high demand, there is one factor that wasn’t addressed or mentioned during this period of time where blacks were so called “free” and that is the implementation/mandate of the Jim Crow Law which brewed and fostered discrimination/segregation of blacks. Jim Crow laws being enacted and legalized in all of the southern states prohibited blacks from being able to work skilled-labor jobs even though blacks obtained all the skill needed through the unwarranted action of slavery; blacks did all of the assembly, cultivation, and renovation along with innovation and invention to make jobs and living less detrimental than it already had been. Jobs were inevitably dominated by whites or immigrants, which made moving North undeniably the move to make for blacks because blacks couldn’t work or perform certain jobs, the incentive to move North contributed to the ban of blacks being able to work where whites dominated, which was nearly everywhere in the southern states. Economically, in order for blacks to have a greater standard of living, a greater chance of surviving, and a greater socioeconomic standing, blacks needed to go North in order to obtain what they naturally have the right to obtain, but given the inhumane circumstance, to obtain the privileges the rest of society had.