From reading There is Power in a Union, the picture for modern organized labor does not look optimistic. The 1999 protests of the WTO and the 2009 efforts of the Students Against Sweatshops were significant, but more is needed. The economy is very much global now and while Capital has adapted well to this it will be a very different organizational challenge for Labor. Sympathy strikes across borders and international cooperation will be absolutely necessary but for a whole host of other historical reasons that will be a difficult sell to laborers themselves. Not to mention, while it is fantastic that the standard of living for so money has risen so much over that last century, it does make the need for workers to organize feel less urgent. People may well be deserving of a greater share of the profits but when it’s not a matter of whether or not you can put bread on the table many are happy enough to settle for job security rather than try to bargain, strike or hold out for more.