Before this unit, I knew that “trickle down economics” was somewhat of a failed economic hypothesis. After this unit I learned just how much of a failure Reagonomics was. Seeing those graphs of the National debt was staggering. After seeing this information it was very clear that those methods of running the economy are not good. I don’t understand how people today can support Republicans campaigning on those same principals. Well… I take that back I know how Republicans get votes and it has nothing to do with anything of substance. Republicans use religious dogma, petty claims and fear mongering to prey on the ignorant and they beg for money from big business to buy votes. My point is if Americans would get their heads out of their ass, get informed, educate themselves, and read a damn book other than the Bible it would be very clear that the “Right” has become a joke and caters to the billionaire class. Now I don’t consider myself a liberal, I have mixed political views on different issues and I am not trying to advocate for the Democrats, but I use simple rationality to develop my stance on issues and it is so obvious that the current ideals of the “Right” have no place in modern government. America has already tried them and they do not work.