The highest priority in this economy is not falling into this entrapment of reliance and dependability because conditions can change in the blink of an eye, sudden changes can occur, no one can assume that any variable within an economy shall remain or will remain constant, there should be a process created where there is a secondary focus on developing a preparation model plan for economic events that could most likely occur, and with new technologies/advancements comes new challenges and issues that will require new strategy but excerpts of old strategies or models; the old or traditional economic strategies and models will become partially redundant as we move into the future but the old economic strategies and models will still remain partially useful because these strategies and models are the foundation of the economy we live in today. To date, the economy is somewhat stable and this economy has overcame depressions and recessions but there is still issues with (I) investment at a societal level and employment; two variables that contribute to the drive of the economy.