A great American success story is that of Isaac Stephenson. Stephenson was born into a relatively poor family in Maine. He became the protege guided by Jefferson Sinclair. Sinclaiar was known as the “Napolean of lumbering”. Sinclair gained his experience in Maine along the Saint John River and Penobscot River. Sinclair’s teachings did not fall on deaf ears, Stephenson’s career accelerated quickly, being a partner of a lumber business at the age of 19. Stephenson was one of the few lumbermen who made it through the Panic of 1857 and the pre-Civil War era. Post-Civil War Stephenson organized the Menominee River Boom Company that was essential to the success of the lumber industry along the most important river in Michigan. As vice president of the boom company the company was able to build over 40 dams, purchase a number of privatley owned dams, remove boulders, blast shoals, and create a network of cribs and piers that anchored the log channel to improve the efficiency of log driving down the Menominee River. Within the first year as vice president the company was able to handle 60 million feet of logs. Without Stephenson the lumber industry in the Upper Peninsula would have had a different landscape, pretty impressive for a young buck.