I chose to read the book John D. Rockefeller: A Portrait in Oils by John K. Winkler for my book review project. Mr. Rockefeller has always been my favorite businessman in American history. While he may not exactly have been the most morally correct individual, it’s tough to argue he wasn’t a business genius. One of his most interesting tactics includes reaching agreements with railroads to charge more for shipping his competitors’ oil and oil products than his own. In doing so, the competing oil refineries could not keep up with his business and were forced to go out of business. John D. would then buy out the competing refinery and raise the price of his oil and oil products. He repeated this process numerous times and would eventually go on to control 90-95% of all American oil refineries. Another one of his strategies included lowering the price of his oil products in regions where his competitors were located and raising his prices in regions where his competitors were not located (since buyers had no choice but to buy his products since they had no other options). Both of these strategies are certainly brutal business tactics but at the same time are downright brilliant. For this reason, I look up to John D. Rockefeller as an American entrepreneur.