Widely Held Conceptions (Or Perhaps ‘Misconceptions’ Would Be More Accurate)

I went a different way with this project than was explained in the postings, I’m sorry for that. I hope I still did an acceptable job at answering everything I needed too, and putting together a well written paper.

The book that I decided to read for this project is called ‘Founding Finance’ it was written by William Hogeland and reviewed by Stephen Bollom. This book looks at the events and influences in Founding Era America, which would be around the 18th century and how they are perceived in the US today with respect to current and some would say, deepening financial and democratic crises in that country.
Founding Finance’s main point is basically that modern day American all across the political spectrum. Aka from the Tea Party to Occupy have appropriated the history of the Founding era for their own purposes, while missing essential components that have been written out of the many histories written about during that time. It was a debate around paper money, money creation powers and precious – The debt from the war where we fought the English for many years – The huge amount of land speculations as new territories opened up – the creation of National Debt – The manipulation of the mob for purposes of political maneuvering, etc.
If you have an interest in the current state of the USA, as the world’s only superpower and home of the global currency or wondered ‘what happened to the American experiment’? Or even believe that to understand the present we need to understand the past, then I would most definitely recommend this book. It is a fascinating case study in how history gets ‘forgotten’, distorted, edited and re-interpreted, as so often happens in matters related to money.
I found this book to be quite fascinating and eye opening. I learned a lot about the dramatic clashes of finance and the economics that basically marked the founding of America. There was quite a lot of violent conflicts over economics, class and finance that played directly into forming the nation and ratifying the constitution. William Hogeland really opened my eyes up to seeing things in a different perspective and really realizing how things can get distorted throughout history.
The article that I decided to read for this project is called ‘Financial Lessons of America’s Founding fathers.’ This articles relates quite a bit to ‘Founding Finances’ because it’s actually talking about the influences that men William Hogeland had on our world, and even the way we handle speculation, debt, foreclosures, protects and crackdowns made our nation what it is today. It was such an interesting article, I recommend that anyone who read my paper thus far should read the article that I posted. It’s quite insightful and such a good read.


I also am going to add a video about the founding fathers influence on our world that I found to be very helpful in answering all of my questions on how things came to be, and really how much of an influence they really had on us.