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  • mesob 7:44 pm on 2015-10-27 Permalink  

    World war 1 really blew me away with the impact that it had on everyone, obviously it was the First World War so no one knew what the impact was going to be overall. I think at the time no one thought that it would help us out so much in our economy when it didn’t help out anyone else like it did for us. I don’t know why i found this so interesting but to me the overall impact of World War 1 was unbelievable, which makes it so shocking that we had a second one.

  • mesob 6:12 pm on 2015-10-27 Permalink  

    I have always found it interesting that an economy can benefit from war. They way the more jobs opening up because we needed tanks and cars. So this lifted the economy in a terrible time for a lot of families. I just really fascinating that when our world was at war, really the United States was winning the war and winning the war with the economy. I have always been taught this to be true but I never really had it sink in or understood it till now.

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    I really found the great depression to be interesting because I don’t think that we have learned enough from it to prevent another one in the future. We will always have a chance at having another great depression since we lean on the stock market so much. It already came very close with our last recession and we can’t afford another one as a country. To add to that when we are hurting economically everyone is hurting because we are such a large country, and have an affect on so many other countries.

  • mesob 9:00 pm on 2015-10-13 Permalink  

    I find it very interesting how business was conducted back in the early 19 century. There were almost no rules or general ethics it was about killing the other companies and bettering them. It is amazing that these monopolies that shaped a lot of American business. Although these monopolies were broken up for the good of the economy, I think it set a standard of how to succeed in a cutthroat business environment.

  • mesob 8:44 pm on 2015-10-13 Permalink  

    It upset me a little bit how there was a stat in the reading that said only one fourth of the population owned slaves in the south during the civil wear when in reality much more people did they just screwed that stats as people that owned more then ten. Meaning there were tons of people that owned ten or less so much more then just one fourth of the population.

  • mesob 8:35 pm on 2015-10-13 Permalink  

    Something that I thought was very interesting was how much John D. Rockefeller actually owned and how great of a businessman he was. He owned 90 percent of all oil businesses and it became a monopoly that he was later forced to separate. But he got that empire by having a good business sense and was savvy in dropping prices and making it so other companies couldn’t compete.

  • mesob 6:39 pm on 2015-09-30 Permalink  

    Hello prof. Luke i would like to throw a curve on the book project… I was wondering if i could to do it on a short video series called the men who built american, It is from the history channel. And my email didn’t send yesterday.

  • mesob 11:32 pm on 2015-09-29 Permalink  

    When you read about the big industry rises in the 19th century you really understand how hard labor is and how good we have it. Labor was incredibly brutal and frankly inhumane, and it is amazing how far we have came through unions now laws. I’m not a big fan of unions but they helped shape the modern laws that protect us form a working environment like that.

  • mesob 11:25 pm on 2015-09-29 Permalink  

    I loved reading the stories about how all the canals and railroads were built as it gives you a real sense of how America was transformed into an economic powerhouse. And it also gives you a sense of how our lives have transformed and how economic status has stayed consistent. I would have loved to be around when all this was happening, because it was a major changing point in Americans lives and the economic role America has had on the world.

  • mesob 11:16 pm on 2015-09-29 Permalink  

    To me after reading all these chapters it amazes me how some small crops can make a huge impact of social and economical status. It was almost like cotton and tobacco were running the show not the people. To me that was very amazing how it became a way of life. These two little crops ran the whole southern part of America and it was devastating when the fields were burned in the war. So for me that was very interesting to read about.

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