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  • tamagnem 10:29 pm on 2015-10-13 Permalink  

    However, I found it upsetting to read about what people used to think of their children. It just seemed like they only had kids, because it is what they had to do and not that they really wanted them. It also seemed like they were good enough to do chores, etc but beyond that their existence was almost pointless. I find that to be completely insane. I’m glad people don’t treat their kids the same way they used to, or think of them as “to be seen and not heard”.

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    I found it so interesting to learn about the developments in our country back then. Railroads and the development of automobiles changed everything for this country. It moved up forward in a positive direction in so many ways. It would have been an amazing time to be alive to see everything start to develop like that. Big cities started to be developed, and the ways people used to do things started to change from all of the improvements that started happening in our economy.

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    I think the most interesting part of the reading for me was about the beginning of the money and banking process. It was interesting to read how much they struggled with having a sound banking system. It was the second most controversial issue during that time period, and definitely rightly so. There was so many claims of scandalous things going on through the banking system during that time period. I’m surprised anyone felt safe keeping their money in any type of account during that time period. If your bank didn’t fail you in some way, you were lucky at the point. Nobody really even knew which bank was going to fall apart, until it actually did. I suppose there is still some sketchy stuff going on now, but so much of it is monitored that it’s almost impossible for as many things to go wrong as it did before.

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    However, reading about the beginning of trade and how much the opening of trade through canals and railroads really changed the US was so interesting. It did take quite a bit of time to get to the point of successful and profitable trade, but it truly was really worth it. The trading of cotton really was one of the best things that started for this country. It was an extremely popular item to trade, and it really opened our avenues with other countries.

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    It was quite upsetting to read about the problems they had back then to realize that we have almost the same problems still now. There’s people who are still against immigrants, there is people who actually protest against having people from different countries coming into the US. There is also quite a bit of racism still. It’s crazy how divided we still are, and I feel as if we should have come much farther than we have with these issues.

  • tamagnem 8:45 am on 2015-09-14 Permalink  

    I cannot believe what I read about the way people treated the Native Americans. It was so brutal and so harsh, when they really did so much for us to help grow as a country. Native Americans were within their rights of what they were doing, and we were just being completely unfair towards them. We took over so much of their land and just were so dang disrespectful to them. I can’t believe early Americans treated them this way. It’s completely saddening.

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    I also thought it was interesting that we are still struggling with some of the same issues that they were back then. We obviously are more technology advanced, etc. But we do still struggle to have enough jobs for people, and money is still scarce for most of the population. I realize that it’s not SO crazy that people back then deal with the same issues as we do now, but I just think it’s interesting to realize that even with all of the advancements the country has made, that we still can struggle on the same big issues.

  • tamagnem 9:10 pm on 2015-09-12 Permalink  

    Hey guys! I really enjoyed the readings for this unit. How about all of you? I do think it’s so crazy how in high school all you were told is how Christopher Columbus was the founder and he actually wasn’t. It’s just so weird that they wouldn’t tell you about the Native Americans that inhabited the land before he even caught sight of it. I realize that he did help the production of trade quite a bit, and did help us grow quite quickly, but saying that he was the founder is quite a long stretch.

  • tamagnem 9:00 am on 2015-08-28 Permalink  

    Hey there! I’m Megan and I’m from Pinckney. I took this class because I honestly find economics to be quite interesting. I think there is so many different aspects to it and just so many new things to learn! This is my second econ class I’ve taken and my third semester at LCC. I’m looking forward to getting into this class more, and I really like the way this discussion post is set up!

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